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At the Naiades Hotel the charm of tradition blends harmoniously with affordability, modern comforts and luxurious touches while the splendid views that can be enjoyed as soon as you step foot on the veranda of your room perfectly complement the mosaic of the perfect stay, in one of the most beautiful mountainous destinations of Greece.

The elegant facilities and services that make up this unique stay experience are the elements that elevate your fascinating escape to nature!

On-site facilities include:

Cafe Bar
With sparkling warmth and stunning, panoramic views of Kaimaktsalan's peaks, the hotel's Cafe Bar offers guests a dream-like setting for leisurely moments of repose. Indulge in a unique sense of tranquility and well-being that fills this place effortlessly, as you enjoy your drink or hot beverage next to the fireplace.

Ideal for relaxation, the lobby of the Naiades Hotel welcomes the visitor on a daily basis in its stylish venue, offering a warm, quiet setting for enjoying moments of serenity and regrouping.

For all our guests who wish to completely unwind and feel a total sense of invigoration after a full day, the Naiades Hotel offers four types of massage treatments: relaxation, aromatic, hot stone and thai massages that will discharge any tension that has accumulated in the body.

Make an appointment for your chosen type of massage and feel the benefits of these pampering sessions.

Breakfast room
Make an appointment for your chosen type of massage and feel the benefits of these pampering sessions. Meet the inviting breakfast area of ​​the Naiades Hotel, where you can savour homemade flavours while you take in the impressive mountainous landscape of the background. Serving a wide range of breakfast options to appease all taste palates from 8:30 to 11:00 am, our guests have the chance to kick start their day with a breakfast full of traditional Greek breakfast flavours that are packed with goodness.


Naiades Hotel, Orma, Almopia, Prefecture of Pella, 58400
Tel.: +30 23840 94134,
Fax: +30 23840 94135
Mob.: +30 6946141138,
Email: info@naiades-hotel.gr

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